4 Tips for Writing a Journal.

Journal writing is a process of recording your thoughts, personal insights and experiences about certain topics, while it broadens your perspective it can also be a wonderful tool for self-reflection.

That being said, some people might face the problem of not being able to write in a journal as they lead a very busy life but Leading a busy life and being too emotional and unmotivated is all the more reason to keep a journal.

Here are 4 tips for writing a Journal :

1. Buy a journal :

Buying your own personal favorite Journal and stationary is a good way to get you started because if you’ve already invested some money into it , you will write in it as well.

although it doesn’t need to be super expensive , it could be simple spiral binder notebook or anyone you prefer.

2. Use a Prompt :

If you find writing in the journal intimidating you could try using Journal prompts which help you to write.

A journal Prompt is a statement or a question designed to inspire you or give you an idea of what to write about. they can be really helpful if you’ve just started out.

3. Be Honest with yourself:

Be honest with yourself while you’re writing a journal because most of the people tend to write it as if someone else is going to read it and then they might judge you. So if you ever have negative feelings , bad mood or whatever you’re feeling.

Write it honestly because if you can’t be honest with yourself then who else could you be honest with?

4. Shut Your Inner critic:

We all posses that voice which tells that we’re not good enough and our writing is not good enough, that is often why many people can’t even get started with writing a journal.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

You have to realize that you’re not getting graded for this. And your writing doesn’t have to be perfect, so you just need to get started and with time you’ll get better at it.


Writing a Journal isn’t that hard if you follow the tips but it does take time and practice to see it become a really beneficial and therapeutic tool for your mental well-being.

You don’t have to write daily but write it regularly! it’ll help you open about much more easily not just with the diary but with the people as well!

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