3 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing a Journal.

As Neil Gaiman said “The one thing that you have that nobody else has is You. Your voice , Your Mind , Your story , Your vision”

Journaling can be an important tool of getting familiar with the “you”

Here’s why you should journal everyday.

1. Organizing Your thoughts

We often hear psychologists say that writing your own notes in class helps you retain the information for longer period of time , But writing can be much more than just some memory tool that helps you retain information. It can also be an outlet. Outlet for your thoughts and emotion , like a funnel or a faucet which lets the thoughts flow onto a piece of paper where you can see them.

Seeing a thought written on a piece of paper holds value since we all know that thoughts have a tendency of disappearing and then reappearing.

2. Reducing stress  :

Several experiments conducted on people show that writing about emotional experiences indicates activity on the Vento lateral prefrontal cortex , the part of brain linked to emotions.

Interesting enough that men who wrote about their emotional experiences showed greater activity in the parts of brain linked to emotions. Because women often tend to express their emotions more naturally than men.

So write up!!

3. Knowing yourself better:

Often times we are unaware of our thought patterns and behaviours , the way we respond to certain things. We can see other people’s behaviour and response patterns but we aren’t able to do it with our own. I guess that’s why some people know us better than we know ourselves , this may be true for you as well and perhaps you know other people better than you know yourself.

Once you start writing about your thoughts, your feeling, your actions , you’ll be able to recognize your patterns more objectively and thus giving a wild chance at improving yourself.

Conclusion :

Writing is perhaps one of the most powerful tools to organize your thoughts and be more articulate and finding out it’s also therapeutic is reason enough to start writing.

And let yourself be the topic!

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